Monday, April 28, 2014

Pedaling to destiny

My goal this week is to ride my bike every day.

As is often the case with my personal goals, the gods of perversity and irony feel a need to get involved.

Admittedly, my bike is overdue for a tune-up. That said, I've educated myself on doing my own bike maintenance. I can handle little things, for the most part. And the bike's got some decent gear. The tires, for example, are some kind of puncture-resistant sorts so you'd think the damn tires should stay inflated for some time.

I even examined the damn tires last night and again this morning. They were holding air fine. I didn't want a repeat of my last bicycling adventure.

About a third of the way in I started wondering why it felt so goddamn hard to pedal in. I mean, I'm out of shape, but not THAT out of shape.

It was about six blocks from my office when I realized the rear tire is really low.

Fucking hell. I have no idea why it's losing air. Thankfully I have a new pump. I'll see how that works out going home.

If you feel the atmosphere warm, it's probably due to my cursing. Apologies in advance.

And the goddamn heat is on in my building. Gah. Fucking Mondays.

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