Saturday, July 22, 2017

Aaaand... July is almost gone

Wow, I've really been shitty at keeping up this blog.

Guess I haven't had much to say. Well, nothing unique. I find most others are saying what I'm thinking a bit more eloquently.

With the world figuring out how to get into that hell-bound hand basket, I've been trying to get my own shit sorted. As usual, I've fallen out of my fitness habits so I'm trying to get some kind of routine that I think I'll follow and stick with that. I'm debating joining a gym, but I know I won't use it. I might try martial arts again. That's a great way to fuck myself up. Ye gods.

I'm a good season and a half behind on "Doctor Who" and not feeling super-motivated to catch up. I hear there's a female Doctor coming down the pipe. That ought to be interesting, I suppose.

"Game of Thrones" is back on. Sad I don't have HBO. I'm doubly-sad that Martin is almost-certainly never going to finish the book series. I'm irritated that I got hooked on something that will never have closure.

In truth, I gave up on Martin a long time ago. I've pretty much given up that Rothfuss will ever end his Kingslayer Chronicles at this rate. I'm not sure I care about that either, really.

FSM only knows what happened to Scott Lynch and his Gentlemen Bastards series.

A friend of mine pointed me to the English translation of Andrezej Sapkowski's Witcher series. I'm mostly through the first book "The Last Wish" and loving it. Looking forward to getting the rest of the series.

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