Monday, July 3, 2017

Review: "Perilous Waif" by E. William Brown

I have to admit to some mixed feelings about "Perilous Waif" by E. William Brown. It's a brilliant science fiction novel set in a universe with well-defined technologies and politics. The characters are engaging and fantastic. The narrative is solid and the dialog humorous and tight.

If I have a concern (not even a complaint) about the setting, it's trying to wrap my mind around the whole idea that it's told from the perspective of a thirteen or fourteen year-old-girl.

Yeah, it's not a problem to have a thirteen or fourteen year-old-protagonist. And I have no problem with that protagonist being an utter and complete badass (as the the protagonist, Alice Long, truly is). Where I get squishy is where the sexual stuff comes in. Oh, Brown's good. He doesn't have underage sex in his novel. But there's stuff in there that I have to admit I felt uncomfortable reading. Probably my own morals and that's my thing, but still.

Overall, "Perilous Waif" was brilliant stuff. A story of an extraordinary orphan girl who finds herself fleeing a bad situation and falling in with a crew of "freelance spacers". Before too long, she's mingling with mercenaries and space Yakuza for lost treasure. And then things get wild.

"Perilous Waif" is set up for a sequel, and I'm absolutely getting the next book in the series. I'm kinda hoping for a time jump, though. Just sayin'.

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