Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Electoral Madness and feeling some Luddite Love

So yeah. It's the U.S. Presidential election.

I voted a few weeks back. The day I got my absentee ballot, truth-be-told. As a California resident, my vote counts for jack shit in the presidential election, but I wasn't leaving anything to chance. Besides, California ballots have tons of other matters on them (*cough*marijuana legalization*cough*).

I won't lie. This election has had me stressed like mad. Fucking 2016 has not been a great year and all the bullshit in this election has not helped me sleep at night.

In a weird way, I have the demons of technology to thank for my not refreshing FiveThirtyEight every ten seconds. You see, yesterday, my Internet access crashed out. I figured it was my modem, but wasn't sure. Today, my ISP sent techs who swapped out my modem and felt they'd finished the job. They had some doubts based on their own tests on my line, but thought the modem ought to handle my issues.

Turns out my modem is only part of the problem. My Internet access is more than a bit unreliable and, at times, slower than frozen molasses. I am not happy.

Still, it's distracting me from watching how much of my country has opted to back a misogynistic, racist, irrational, incoherent, bankruptcy-addicted coke fiend as candidate for the highest office in the country.

Silver linings.

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