Saturday, November 19, 2016


I spent the last week in the UK on business.

Yes, I escaped Trump-land to go to Brexit-land.

There, everyone asked me what I thought about Trump's winning the election.

I avoided profanity, for the most part. I explained that Trump lost the popular vote but won the Electoral, and that I'm bitterly disappointed. Every Brit I talked to was sympathetic. Makes me wonder how Brexit really came about.

Other than the hell of traveling to get there, I had a great time. I love British beers and pub food. My co-workers are delightful and hospitable, making my week great fun and my departure bittersweet.

I have to admit I had a few thoughts that linger in my mind as I recover from jetlag and, hopefully, any potential plague caught from flying:
  • I have yet to stay at a place in the UK (or Ireland) with decent water pressure in the shower.
  • UK light switches are weird, but cooler than US lights witches. They have individual power switches for each outlet!
  • UK plugs are ungainly and weird. US plugs are far more compact.
  • The British make delightful savory pies.
  • US craft beers are invading the UK. Lots of hoppy IPAs on tap there.
  • UK money and credit cards are far superior to US currency and credit cards.
  • Apparently there's a vague concept of pedestrian right-of-way in the UK, but if it exists, it's well-hidden.
  • Every bed I've slept on in the UK is harder than a rock. Every hotel room I've stayed in has been sweltering-hot.

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