Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Coping with yesterday

Soooo... we've got a mentally-unstable man-child with access to nuclear codes in 2017. With him is a very red House of Representatives and a pretty damn red Senate.

Bad time to be in the United States as a woman or have any color to your skin.

On the plus side: California has legalized recreational marijuana. That ought to take the edge off. I certainly plan to work on my alcohol-abuse skills in the coming months and years.

If we're really lucky, SMOD could come along any day and make it quick.

And there's always Cthulhu. Surely the stars are right already. At this point, Lovecraftian horror is looking pretty goddamn good.

1 comment:

Aaron Britton said...

He is held up in his Trump Tower. Beware the Toupee of Trump and the 9 rings of power to make cabinet appointments, the Toupee Wraiths.