Sunday, March 20, 2016

Review: Baubax Travel Jacket(s)

Another of my waning list of outstanding Kickstarters delivered on Saturday. I think the remaining four or five Kickstarters will never actually come up with anything for the investment, but that's a topic I've whined enough about.

Where was I? Oh yes, Baubax.

So I backed their Kickstarter some time back. They offer a "travel jacket" complete with a crap-ton of pockets of varying sizes, an inflatable neck pillow, gloves, a pen/stylus attached to the zipper, a glasses cleaning cloth, a blindfold on the built-in hood, and... um... I think that about covers it. Lots of pockets.

So they offer four "styles" of jacket: a bomber jacket, a windbreaker, a hoodie, and a blazer. I've got no shortage of jackets in my possession, and I found choosing to be a bit tough. I wound up going with the hoodie (I can always use an extra hoodie) and with a blazer (as my attire tends to run very... um... casual).

First reactions: damn good. They both fit well. I wound up going a bit larger than I usually order and it turned out I guessed correctly.

Or I've grown. Either way...

The material seems well-constructed. The blazer has removable thumb-hole hand-covers as well as a removable hood and zipper-lining. The hoodie's got the thumb-hole hand-covers, but they're not removable. Nor is the hood, though I wouldn't be inclined to remove that from a hoodie. Just sayin'.

The pockets are well-constructed and well-placed. Both are comfortable enough. The hoodie's not too heavy, but is nice on a cool, rainy day (like today). The blazer is lighter (thank the FSM) and should be a nice go-to-work or out-on-the-town jacket.

The neck pillows are removable (and are now dwelling on a shelf in my apartment, as I won't need them unless I travel) and seem well-made. I haven't tried to inflate them as neck pillows rarely work well for me.

The little pen/stylus tool on the zipper is a nice touch. I'm a sucker for little things like that.

Overall, I'm pleased with the end-product. These were worth the wait. I may, one day, be curious enough to try to pick up a windbreaker or bomber jacket but with summer coming, I'm disinclined to add to the wardrobe in that way.

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