Friday, March 4, 2016

not the wisest course of action

It should be no surprise to many that I often write blog posts after having a few drinks.

All things considered, it's a miracle most of my posts are even vaguely English.

So this week, I have discovered a new form of Kryptonite in San Francisco: Pagan Idol. Yelp has a few positive things to say. To this I can only add that their rum drinks are outstanding.

Out. Goddamn. Standing.

I hit them on Monday after work. Bad idea. Great drinks, though. I hit them again tonight. Also a bad idea. Followed by drinks elsewhere, which was a worse idea.

I currently question if I can walk given that I slipped coming home from BART and smashed my knee into cement. I suspect tomorrow is going to suck in many ways for many reasons.

You don't care about that.

So, yeah. Pagan Idol.

Long story short: if you like rum cocktails and tiki decor, for the love of the gods, go here and check it out. The drinks are outstanding (and strong). The decor is awesome. And don't combine multiple mai tais with a "Daywalker" (aka Zombie). That's just not wise.

Now I'm off to drink more water and pray tomorrow won't suck too horribly.

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