Monday, March 28, 2016

Never rains, it pours

  • Family drama/crisis. Still ongoing. Decidedly un-fun.
  • Work drama bordering on crisis. Concurrent with the family crisis, making everything just so much fun.
  • BART drama. Because BART.
  • A goddamn recall on my car's airbags.
  • Notification from the dealer that the replacement parts for said recall won't be in for another month. At least.
  • Allergies. So. Many. Fucking. Allergies.
  • The joy of realizing I still have so far yet to go in so many parts of my life.
  • And finally, ants. Goddamn. Fucking. Ants.
That's been my last couple of weeks. I figure if I can get through the next two weeks with my health and sanity intact, I stand a 50-50 chance of making it through the month without completely losing my mind. This year is a clusterfuck and I'm barely through the first quarter.

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