Monday, November 30, 2015

Review: The "Man Ring 2.0"

So I've mentioned "The Man Ring" (titanium utility ring) before. It's been a fixture on my hand for the last couple of years without fail. I've taken it overseas and every other damn place. And looooooved it.

Not too long ago, I learned that Boone Titanium Rings came out with a version 2 of their "Man Ring". After looking over the site, I just had to have it.

My V2.0 ring arrived the day after Thanksgiving, lifting my spirits as I lounged about my apartment, coughing up a lung and otherwise being a vector of terrible disease.

I have to say, the folks at Boone Titanium Rings really did a great job upgrading this.

The V2.0 ring boasts of fewer bits that fold out, but those that do are better-situated to work as advertised.

Instead of six little tools that fold out from the V1.0 ring, the V2.0 ring has four parts: a tiny blade (made of titanium, so not super-sharp, but good enough to open a box), a tiny comb, and two tiny saws with slightly different tooth arrangements. All of the tools extend out a good 270 degrees from closed instead of 90 degrees in the V1.0 ring, making them a bit more practical (such as tiny tools are ever practical). And when you pull all the little tool bits open, you have a little claw-like indentation in the ring's body that is a very practical bottle opener.

I look forward to my recovery so I can practice opening a beer with the new toy.

The V2.0 ring is a bit more slender than the V1.0 ring and the indentation for the bottle opener calls more attention to the tools, making them somewhat less-discrete when closed, but it's hardly an issue.

The "Man Ring 2.0" is awesome. I am giddy.

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