Friday, November 20, 2015

Review: Fidelis Co - Alcon Backpack and GTG Duffle Bag

Back when I was still supporting Kickstarter projects, one gained my attention and intrigued me: the GTG Duffle Bag by Fidelis co.

I was expecting to do some weekend traveling at the time and needed a good day bag. The description intrigued me. I figured if it didn't come in time for my planned trip, I'd have another "go bag" to use.

It came in time (a rare Kickstarter indeed) and I made use of it. It worked out perfectly. Had plenty of room, was sturdy, comfortable on my back, and made a perfect airplane carry-on.

Time passed and I continued to commute on BART for work. From time-to-time I have to lug a work laptop around and my normal messenger bags were starting to put a strain on my back. Fidelis, at that time, had sent Kickstarter backers some coupon code or something for their site opening.

Curious, I browsed and saw what I'd forgotten from their Kickstarter offering: they have a backpack. The Alcon Backpack, to be precise.

Moments later, I had an order in. A week after that, I had a parcel at my doorstep (well, at my office, but I quibble).

So I have a lot of bags. The Alcon is easily my favorite backpack and my current commuter bag. It's sturdy, rides well on my back, has comfortable shoulder straps, and has an interesting feature: a hood built in for rainy weather. The flap has a zipper to access the interior (and pull out the hood). The locking mechanism for the flap is very solid and satisfying.

The bag has another interesting feature: one side is a strip that can take Velcro patches. They sell accessory pockets (for example) that one can place on the side of the bag. These pockets aren't flimsy material. They're on pretty solid and would be noticeable if someone thought to pull a pocket off.

I have to say, Fidelis Co. is an impressive company that makes some damn fine bags. I intend to watch them for future offerings and should I need another bag, they're likely going to be my first stop on any search I conduct.

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