Friday, February 13, 2015

Review: "King of Thorns"

So I kind of burned through "King of Thorns" by Mark Lawrence.

The sequel to "Prince of Thorns", "King" continues the journey of Jorg of Ancrath, a psychotic anti-hero in a disturbingly-familiar world.

I'm not really sure exactly what to say about this book. While I enjoyed it, it was less-engaging than "Prince of Thorns". The style was similar, with a mix of present-scenes and flashbacks. I like the explanation for the existence of magic and all that. I also appreciated the point-of-view of Katherine, an important character from "Prince of Thorns", as told through her journal entries. Still, the story felt a bit hollow in parts. The resolution of the Prince of Arrow felt off somehow and there were chunks of Jorg's four-year journey that didn't really keep me engaged.

My commuter-book is now "Emperor of Thorns", if only to complete the series. We'll see where this goes.

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