Saturday, January 31, 2015

Review: "Prince of Thorns" by Mark Lawrence

At the recommendation of a friend, I got "Prince of Thorns" as my commute-reading.

I finished it in a few days and found myself hungering for more, so the remaining two books of the series are en route to me as I type.

Set in a seeming-medieval world, it is the tale of Jorg, a prince-turned-bandit leader.

I'm not going to mince words: Jorg is an asshole, as protagonists go. He's a sociopathic nutjob and more than a little evil.

I loved reading about his exploits.

Lawrence created a refreshing character and changed the rules of the game pretty quickly mid-book, when I realized I wasn't reading what I thought I was reading.

Nicely-played, Mr. Lawrence. Nicely-played.

Apparently there's a sequel series set in the same world. I may have to pick that up as well.

Not much of a review, is it? Well, I really want to hash out the details a bit, but to discuss the book in any detail potentially-spoils it, so I'll have to resist the urge.

If you like your anti-heroes, "Prince of Thorns" is worth a read.

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