Sunday, December 28, 2014

Review: "The Last Christmas"

Aaaah, the Doctor Who Xmas special. It's become a thing since the days of RTD and continues under Moffatt's reign.

The last couple of Xmas specials have been beyond crappy so I had no expectations for this one.

It probably helped.

I could go all spoiler-y and recap the plot but I don't think I will this time. Instead, in broad strokes, Moffatt told a tale of creepy monsters mixed with Xmas schlock (complete with Nick Frost as Santa Claus himself). It was weird, oddly-funny at times, and creepy in others. Moffatt retains is ability to create disturbing monsters that play off of perceptions. It was - as this season has gone - a pretty good episode. Though as I say that, I should be clear: most of the season has been nearly unwatchably-bad.

Many thanks to V for letting me watch a recording. Cheers.

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