Sunday, December 28, 2014

Adventures in Pasta Making

A birthday or two back I got a pasta maker.

It languished, unused, for ages atop my freezer until today. I got a recipe for making pasta and decided to make it a try.

And that's when everything went wrong.

First off, I tried the recipe and found that there simply wasn't enough liquid in what I was following to make the pasta stick together in a ball.

Then, when I managed to get something that approximated dough, it took forever to get something useable to come out of the damn pasta maker.

And then the ant infestation returned as I struggled to get the noodles cut.

And then the pasta maker broke, gumming up the works with dough.

So you're not supposed to wash the pasta maker with soap and water for reasons. So instead, I had to bust out three different sets of tools and a can of compressed air to try to get to the hidden-away corners in the goddamn thing to clean it properly and then repair the broken track.

So now I'm covered in flour, I have ants in my kitchen and no idea how they're getting in. I have noodles that may or may not be an utter disaster. And I am irritated beyond words. The things I do in the name of the FSM...

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