Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wednesday Interwebz

In other news, I needed to use up some ingredients in the kitchen last night so I made a batch of brownies. Then I realized the only sugar I had in the place was some bags of cane sugar I'd gotten from FSM-knows-where.

An hour later, I was four brownies into the batch before I managed the Herculean effort of self-control and stopped gobbling them down.

Not as powerfully-sweet, nor as fluffy, but tasty all the same.

I may have to try this again one day. Y'know, for SCIENCE!

My continuing education in learning JavaScript is a constant and painful reminder as to how I am woefully unsuited to coding.

I'm about 95% done reading The Rhesus Chart by Charles Stross. The latest Laundry novel is okay. It's not really grabbing me like some of the others and feels a bit like a slog, but there's some clever stuff in there (as always).

In parallel, I'm reading The City of Light by Will Wight. The third novel in his Traveler's Gate trilogy is also okay. It's got some good stuff, but I'm still having trouble feeling a lot of sympathy for any characters. I do like his concept of "Incarnation" (a magic user uses too much magic and becomes the embodiment of the user's source of magic). Still worth my reading time.

Guardians of the Galaxy on Friday. Woo-hoo!

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Aaron Britton said...

YES, going to go see it this afternoon!