Wednesday, July 9, 2014

and things

In an effort to combat my lazy, gluttonous nature, I'm embarking on an ambitious plan of exercising a lot and cutting back on the bad stuff.

I'm not cutting out sweets and booze, just cutting back. I know I don't have the willpower to cut it out entirely.

This week I've made some traction on that plan. Bike riding some days, running on others (actually running at points, not sort-of-trotting). I've been good and had no more than one alcoholic beverage, often forgoing that if I have dessert or sugary snacks at any point.

Now that I've had a few days to contemplate this, I gotta say this sucks. Still, sacrifices must be made.

Also (slowly) teaching myself JavaScript. I used to have a basic working knowledge of PERL, so certain underlying concepts are pretty easy to pick up but the book I'm using has very strict formatting requirements in its online tests, so I'm finding myself occasionally cursing.

Still, it's a good brain exercise. Managed to slam out a few chapters/tests yesterday after running and all that.

Finished "Rogues", the compilation of stories edited by George R.R. Martin (and someone else whose name escapes me at the moment). Has a lot of really good short stories in it, including a great Scott Lynch story, an utterly brilliant Neil Gaiman story (about the Marquis de Carabas, no less), and a truly awesome Patrick Rothfuss story. By comparison, Martin's offering is kind of weak tea, actually. A bit disappointing, but whatever works.

Day two of my makeshift bicycle repairs. I've found my inner-tube issues manifest after about a week of bike use, so I've a ways to go before I'm even somewhat-confident I fixed the problem.

This weekend starts the end of a role-playing campaign I've been running/co-running for over fifteen years. It's been keeping me up at nights trying to figure out how to finish this off properly. It's exhausting to run and part of me wants to finish it as soon as possible, while part of me wants to slow down and do it right. The years have taken their toll on players and what was once a group of eight is now down to four, so the pressure is kind of on.

I'm thinking of trying my hand at converting the campaign into actual stories (maybe novels?) at some point. Guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Because of this:

I can no longer hear the Game of Thrones theme without hearing Peter Dinklage's name on the edge of my hearing.

This is not really a bad thing.

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