Friday, May 23, 2014


For reasons, I spent a good four-hour chunk of yesterday in ER. Turned out to be a false alarm on my part, but that's good. I walked away with impressions (some literal... I still have a bruise on my arm from where blood was drawn):
  • ER security guards are awesome. They're funny, relaxed, cheerful, and always have entertaining stories. The TSA should take tips. Lots of tips.
  • ER nurses are godlike rock-stars. They're efficient, funny, and disarming. They're also surprisingly-strong.
  • ER doctors are on a par with the ER nurses. The ones I've met handle the stress and busy of the job like champs. Even with crazy shit going on around them all the time (and there was no shortage of that), they always seem (in my experience) to take the time to explain everything.
Lessons I learned:
  • Bring a book, if you can. You'll be doing a lot of waiting.
  • If the opportunity presents itself, go to the bathroom before too much goes on.
  • Find your happy place. You're going to be sitting and staring a lot (unless you brought a book).
  • Try not to choke when you're told what the ER co-pay is. Oy.

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