Tuesday, May 13, 2014

For today's WTF'ery...

  • Okay, so the CW is now going to air a show called "Gotham", which is due to star a young Jim Gordon in the pre-Batman days. In other words, we're going to see Batman without Batman. Because reasons. WTF? WHY NOT JUST DO A BATMAN SHOW???? WHO THINKS A NON-BATMAN BATMAN SHOW IS A GOOD IDEA????
  • I just saw a sea gull fly by my window with what looked like a huge chunk of red meat. That was in no way disturbing. Especially coupled with this morning's full moon and the impending heat wave due to strike today.
  • The CW canceled "The Tomorrow People". It's saying something when the CW thinks a show has gotten too bad to air.
  • They're selling Game of Thrones action figures. I'm wondering if the Ned Stark one has an easily-removed head. I'm trying to figure out who these are marketed for, given the subject matter. And I'm wondering if my budget can handle getting the $100 bundle they're offering on ThinkGeek. A White Walker, Tyrion, the Hound, and Danaerys? Dude... add in a Needle-armed Arya and some Direwolves and I wouldn't even be debating this purchase.
  • So... yeah. we're totally fucked.

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