Monday, February 24, 2014

Weeping for a weekend past

Another week looms ahead.
  • Got new shoes over the weekend. Needed 'em bad. I actually listened to the sales guy when he pimped some orthopedic inserts and my feet are rather happy. I tell ya, comfy shoes are good for the sole.
  • I've been waiting to use the above pun for a while.
  • Reading "The Emperor's Blades" by Brian Staveley. So far it's a pretty solid read. Staveley likes to abuse his protagonists a lot, but he's all kittens and butterflies next to George R.R. Martin or Joe Abercrombie. Still, he's created a fascinating world and I like his characters. I have a sinking suspicion my favorite (a side character) is not long for this world.
  • Rain is on the way! Happiness and joy!
  • Watched the classic "Doctor Who" episode known as "The Three Doctors". Well, re-watched it. Well, re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-watched it, if I want to approach a bit closer to honestly. Damn but Troughton and Pertwee were awesome together. Could tell that Hartnell was disintegrating, but he held up admirably. The guy they got to play Hartnell in "The Five Doctors" was solid, though. Kind of wish they'd considered stand-in actors or something a bit more complex for the 50th special, but they did well enough, I suppose.
  • Followed up "The Three Doctors" with "Destiny of the Daleks" or, as I like to call it, attack of the Egyptian-hairstyle-mod-robots from Planet Spandex. In the classic series they usually had some walk-on schmuck who would be caught up in events and survive. The guy they got in this ep, a wild-haired sort of fellow, really drives home how the old-school BBC didn't go for the sort of "pretty-glam" Hollywood crap that they do now.

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