Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Review: TAD Gear Rogue RS and Sentinel Field Jackets

It's winter. It's cold. It's currently also quite wet. It's that time when one has to have a suitable coat when one goes outdoors.

During the blitz of endless adverts sent to my email, I noticed Triple Aught Design (aka TAD Gear) came out with some new jackets.

I have purchased some of their jackets in the past and never regretted a purchase, despite the expense.

As Autumn hit, I found myself in need of a nice, light jacket. And I came across the Rogue RS Jacket.

It was exactly what I was looking for. It's a breathable, sturdy jacket made of nylon and cotton. When open, it's comfortable on a warm day. When zipped up, it keeps a blustery wind from giving too much trouble. While not waterproof, it's a workable garment in a light rain.

The Rogue RS has two zippered hand-warmer pockets that have smaller pockets within for items (flashlight, gum, whatever). There's also two smaller pockets inside the jacket that could fit a small wallet or maybe a phone.

Totally worth the cost in my book. I liked my Rogue RS so much that when TAD had a one-day Xmas coupon in early December, I got a second one (in a different color) with the Spring in mind.

I thought that was that.

Then those crafty buggers at Triple Aught Design set another lure for me.

It was a few days later when I saw the Sentinel Field Jacket first go on-sale. I was intrigued. Then I looked at the price tag and choked a bit. With Xmas expenses melting my credit card, I decided I couldn't afford it.

The next day, I decided I could probably manage it and tried to buy one. They were sold out. In one day.

Bummed, I occasionally checked out the site (by which I mean I looked multiple times every damn day) to see if they restocked in my size.

Right around Xmas (I think maybe Xmas Eve?) they restocked. I made the purchase before I was even conscious of what the hell I was doing.

A few days after Xmas, I managed to line up with UPS and get my jacket.


The Sentinel Field Jacket is a truly delightful garment. Highly water-resistant, the Sentinel is made of a light, breathable fabric called "Ventile" that layers well for cold weather (like now) but would likely fare well come Spring and Autumn.

And then there's the pockets.

I do love me a jacket with pockets and the Sentinel doesn't disappoint. There's two large, snap-closed, pouch pockets in front with a pair of zipper-closed hand-warmer pockets on the side. There's also a zipper-closed pocket over the left side of the chest with another zipper-closed pocket on the inside. All have good-sized capacity for things like wallets, small cameras, phones, a medium-sized book, sunglasses, or whatever.

I won't lie to you: the Sentinel is currently my favorite jacket.

Damn well better be for the price.

TAD is an expensive place to shop, but I have to say I've liked everything I've gotten from them.

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