Thursday, January 5, 2017

Five days in

It wouldn't be the new year season if I weren't going through some ill-advised attempts to get in-shape. The jogging, step-climbing stuff isn't a problem, all things considered. I've been faithful enough with jogging that it's not too troubling.

No, it's the upper-body stuff that's kicking my ass. I've neglected push-ups and chin-ups for longer than I ought. I've been pretty faithful for the last five days, but I'm starting to feel it a lot.

I guess that's a good sign in that I'm doing something right, but... ouch.

I think I'm going to take 2017 slow. Get one thing done, then move on to another. Gonna be that kind of year.

On the plus side, my pool game is improving a lot. While I'm still the worst person in my office by a mile, I'm starting to win games properly instead of due to the other player scratching.


Now we're due for a cold snap before a major rain storm hits the Bay Area. Should be a fun weekend.

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