Sunday, July 31, 2016


Trying to self-study Java has really driven home to me a few things:
  • Trying to self-study something you're learning for reasons other than personal interest is not a great way to learn a new skill.
  • I have a serious love-hate relationship with coding. Right now there's a bit more hate than love.
  • I can read Java code... more or less... but writing programs from scratch is a bit beyond me. Case in point: I have an exercise to write a class to create a stack class (processing first-in, last-out). I get the logic on a high level and how it differs from a queue (first-in, first-out), but writing a class to do that still escapes me after having read the referring chapter on methods and classes three times.

    That's not boding well for the rest of the book.
My conclusion is that I really ought to try to schedule a proper class for learning Java. The irony of needing a class (for instruction) to learn to write a class (something used in Java) amuses me. Plus, kinda punny.

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