Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Random thoughts

One of the major candidates for President of the United States is calling upon a foreign power to conduct cyber-espionage.

This is a thing.

Not surprising that North Korea considers said candidate to be a "wise choice" for President.

I'm now reading Will Wight's "OF Darkness & Dawn". God I love this series. Cthulhu-parrots. Just sayin'.

I'm about a third of the way through Java: A Beginner's Guide, Sixth Edition. I'd be lying if I said most of this is sticking in my head. I'm going to need to re-read several chapters a few times, but certain concepts are making sense now. When I look at code on my job (Apex, not Java, but similar syntax) things make a bit more sense. I just need to get my druthers and read up on Inheritance.

So now is a bad time for me to be developing carpal tunnel. Yee-haw.

2016 is mellowing a bit in its constant string of moderate to severe crap, but I'm still finding the odd hiccup coming my way. Case in point: I really only have one event I'm aiming to take vacation time for during what's left of 2016. I'm going to celebrations for a friend's wedding. So when does my company ask to fly me out to one of the other offices? Of course during that time. Fortunately, I persuaded them to reschedule. Still, it just figures.

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