Thursday, September 3, 2015

Review: The Fjallraven Reporter Lite Jacket

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area is glorious. You really never get much "weather", as such. Go east of the Berkeley/Oakland hills in Summer and it's goddamn blistering hot. In winter, it's chilly (if not outright cold). Go south to San Jose and it's warm (even in winter). It's rarely cold enough to snow. It's microclimate heaven.

That said, it can get cool at times. When that fog rolls in and you're bar-hopping in the City, it pays to have a light coat.

I found myself at one point with a bit of REI money, a coupon, and a need for a light jacket for my job in San Francisco.

So I got the Fjallraven Reporter Lite Jacket.

It's a well-named coat. Just light enough that it's comfortable in the increasingly warm summer mornings, but breathable enough to not be hellish in a sweaty, packed, poorly-ventilated BART car.

Plus: pockets! SO MANY POCKETS!

It's a polyester/cotton blend that feels comfortable without that plastic-y polyester feel. It wears well and is pretty durable. It's probably my favorite light jacket at the moment for those odd days in Summer when I need a light jacket in the morning or evening.

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