Friday, January 9, 2015

Review: The Recon 6 Watch

I really should thank Kickstarter.

I was going through it and saw an entry for the World’s First 14-in-1 Adventure & Survival Recon Watch.

I looked at it and immediately backed it.

Unfortunately, the Kickstarter did not fund. I can't fathom why.

The day the funding period ended, I got mail indicating that a small batch of the watches were being produced anyway and Kickstarter backers could aim for the Kickstarter price.

I didn't hesitate.

Time passed and there were production delays (as happens in any new project).

Then my watch arrived.

James Bond wishes he had a watch this cool!

The Recon 6 Watch is a beefy, well-constructed, watch with all sorts of cool features for when you're dropped in the middle of nowhere or civilization collapses and you need to make due:
  • A can opener cleverly worked into the band
  • A bottle opener cleverly worked into the band.
  • A small knife cleverly worked into the band (making this probably TSA-questionable... the blade is small, but...)
  • An LED flashlight.
  • A mirror
  • A compartment with:
    • A whistle
    • Fishing hooks
    • A magnifying glass
    • A liquid-filled compass
    • A ferro-rod (for fire-starting)
The watch itself does the normal telling of time and has a calendar window for the day of the month. It's got a rotating timer bezel as well.

Will I need any of this? Probably not. Would I be able to use any of this in a crisis? That's debatable. Is this still cool-as-hell to have? HELL YES!

This is the sort of timepiece that ApocalpyseEquipped needs stat.

Thus endeth my effusive praise.

EDIT: A little less than a year later, my Recon 6 Watch is broken. The securing knob snapped off one day after getting caught on a jacket sleeve. I never did find it again. The can opener also broke off and was lost. I am sad.

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Josh Orth said...

heh heh, I'll see if they want to do me a deal ... I asked after a Crovel, but no dice as yet ...