Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Game Thoughts:

Last Saturday was our monthly game. Possibly the last time this year the entire gang will get together around the table, thanks to real life and all that.

It wasn't my best game.

When the group last left off, several of their number were captive of a foe I'd been building up over several sessions. More of this foe's targets were still among the group. So the group set out to get to safer ground, with some undercover and disguised.

As I like complexity to my plots, I decided to see if the captives could manage an escape from my villains. Essentially, I played a side game with myself before we got together. Things got to a certain point and I decided I'd see where the tabletop game would go from there.

And that's where I fell down a bit. I let the party split (usually a no-no in role-playing games) but I'd intended to force things so everyone was present for any big bad encounters.

I lost control of the plot for a bit and had two players pretty much just sitting around bored for a couple of hours.

Yeah. I done a bad thing.

After our heroes delivered a bit of righteous smiting against bad guys, I got everyone together and threw even more bad guys (of a different sort) at them in a totally contrived fight. Only this time, I sort of forced things so everyone had to cooperate.

I thought I'd thrown some challenging bad guys at them. Fucking hell, they walked through my bad guys like they were paper dolls. It was a little embarrassing, all said.

I'm almost done with this story arc. Maybe I'm just running out of steam for this one. Hm. I must ponder.

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