Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Playboy is going to stop publishing naked pictures. Yup. That's apparently a thing. Oh FSM, I got a good laugh hearing that.

How is Trump still a thing? Seriously?

I recently had an experience with two institutions that reminded me how far to extreme of service companies can go.

The first was a visit to Kaiser Permanente. I trucked out to one of the Kaiser offices to get a flu shot.

They had drive through flu shots.

That's right. Drive. Through.

I didn't need to get out of my car! I just ran down my window and boom. It was done. I didn't even feel the needle.

Feeling flush with that success, I later went to the Post Office to pick up a parcel I apparently had to sign for. Turns out one of my still-in-process Kickstarters came through (Mini-Tool Pen. Very cool.).

So I've got a game that day and am on a bit of a schedule. Still, I go into the post office a good forty-five minutes before the game. I figure that's plenty of time. Right?

Oh silly past-me. You were so innocent.

On a Saturday morning, the post office had one - one - person on-staff. I was a good fifteen people deep from that line. Everyone had parcels and packages. Plural.

In the half-hour I was in that line, three people were served.

Three in thirty minutes.

Needless to say, I didn't get my parcel that day. Indeed, even today, the post office opened late and I had to rush back to my apartment for an online meeting. I didn't manage to get my parcel until nearly lunchtime.

Fucking USPS.

I've been reading the "Shadowdance" series by David Dalglish. I'm a good four books in of the six-book series. I bet you think that means I think it's a good series.


I admit I'm enjoying it, but it's very much a "commuter-book" for me. It's rocky stuff with some serious cliches and excessive melodrama.

In TV terms, it's '80's television fare.

I have two books to go to finish and intend to, but I'm taking a break now to try out Jim Butcher's "Aeronaut's Windlass" book. First in his "Cinder Spires" series, I admit it's a rough start, but it's growing on me a lot now. I have high hopes.

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