Sunday, October 2, 2016

Big damn rock

I was in Boulder, Colorado this weekend. My first time in Colorado, truth be told.

A few things I observed:
  • That's beer country there. Lots of breweries and good ones at that.
  • The altitude kicked my ass in a bad way. Not just in drinking (a couple of beers knocked me on my ass), but in breathing at some points.
  • Boulder's got a lot of very attractive folk walking its streets.
  • It's interesting wandering about a place where pot's legal. Interesting in a good way.
Overall, I really liked Boulder. If I'd stayed longer, I expect I would have adapted to the altitude. By the second day, I was measurably better than the first so there's that. And Denver airport was nice and well run. I found it surreal that the restrooms were tornado shelters, but I suppose someplace had to be...

I also officiated a wedding. My first. It was... odd.

Fun, though.

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