Saturday, July 25, 2015

Thoughts on Ant-Man

Just saw "Ant-Man" on a whim.

I hadn't really planned on it. I was going elsewhere and noticed there wasn't a line, so I changed gears and popped in to catch the film.

I really have to hand it to Marvel Studios. What kind of sorcery does one have to perform to make a hero like Ant-Man become somewhat engaging and cool?

It was a nice build on the Marvel mythos. Paul Rudd was surprisingly-good as down-and-out ex-thief Scott Lang. I'm no Michael Douglas fan, but he was pretty solid as Hank Pym, the creator of the technology that allows for Ant-Man to be a thing. The rest of the cast were okay. No fantastic stand-outs, but no lemons.

I loved the Avengers tie-in and Anthony Mackie's walk-on scene. That was fun stuff.

The action was solid and the effects entertaining. There was a good mix of humor to keep everything going as well.

The two "epilog scenes" were good stuff too. I guess the next film is "Captain America: Civil War" and are leading up to that film. Should be interesting.

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