Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Musings

  • Apparently, J. Michael Straczynski may reboot Babylon-5 as a feature film. I'm not sure how I feel about that. Sure, the series is a bit dated in FX, but those could be fixed pretty easily. Hell, they did it for "Star Trek: The Original Series". With Andreas Katsulas gone, there simply isn't another G'Kar out there.

    Then again, it's JMS at the helm, so it will still probably be awesome.
  • Started my morning with one of the senior developers handing me a bottle of beer. Some kind of lager he recommends. If this is starting a trend in which my co-workers are going to be giving me beer, I may need to be pinched 'cause I'm pretty sure I'm dreaming.
  • I know there's something seriously-wrong with my bike when a new inner-tube goes flat before I even ride the bike. I think my bike has become an inner-tube vampire.


Aaron Britton said...

something is wrong with your bike wheel hub. Check it out to make sure one of the spokes isn't poking through.

J said...

It's not a spoke. The damage is always done to the valve stem for some reason.